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Completion Date: Wed 03 May 2017
The mobile app that bridges the gap between the coach and his/her players

A short summary of Soccrates

Soccrates is a mobile app already designed in accordance to the opinion of 10 surveyed coaches as they thought it would be the most feasible app to aid them in youth training. I will code an app that will bridge the gap between coaches and youth players.

Soccrates is a hybrid app (iOS and Android) that bridges the connection between player and coach by acting as a virtual report card that enables coaches to analyze player’s videos; assign drills and individual challenges; create player specific programs; and provide video/audio feedback on each players’ progress. Coaches that have difficulty addressing each player individually will be able to address challenges and "homework" to their players. In exchange, players that seek more individual feedback and help will benefit from the app features with videos, lessons, weekly assignments that when completed can award them with personal congratulatory messages, videos from superstars, and trophies.


I am a high honors graduate/MBA student and soccer alumni at the University of Bridgeport, CT. I grew up in a soccer family in Belo Horizonte, Brazil – and my brother (Rafael Moura) is a star striker for the Serie A Brazilian Club Atletico Mineiro.  I played for the University of Bridgeport in the years of 2013 to 2016 earning three Conference Championships, Two Regional Championships, and reaching the Final 4. Individually I earned three All-Conference team awards and twice the Academic All-Region by CoCISA. Because of my background in sports and the fact that my brother is a professional athlete I got to meet very famous players that will help me in promoting my app. Some of the players I know are: Deco, Fred, Thiago Neves, Nilmar, Gilberto Silva, and Dida. I also established a successful academic career at UB by graduating with the highest GPA of the Business Administration degree. Currently, I am a Project Developer at COPA Sports and act as a consultant with the president to create the best canvas platform for youth sports coaching.

My story

Soccrates was designed after I observed my role model player Cassandra. She is 11 years old and has played soccer since she was 5. Cassandra comes home everyday after practice complaining she did not have much time with her coach as she wished, and that the collective practice did not allow her to work on individual skills. Also, when Cassandra received a suggestion from her coach to work on a specific skill or watch a YouTube video she would forget the name before she arrived home. Then I came up with the idea of creating this app that will be her on-demand coach for extra sessions. With the app Cassandra will receive from her coach weekly assignments or challenges based on her skills set evaluation criteria.  Every time she performs it she will record it and send to her coach, who in return will provide feedback, or even a reward. In this way she keeps motivated because she knows her practice hours will be complemented with an app that aids her individually. And her coach will also be satisfied in addressing assignments that will benefit Cassandra's and the overall team's performance.

Where will the money go?

  • The initial $50,000 will cover the initial development and marketing expenses. The idea is to fund the prototyped and coding of the designed app and create awareness on social media and word-of-month.
  • With $50,000 I will be able to fully code it and increase awareness, participation, and spread the world.
  • My goal is to run the beta phase by September 2017, meaning the prototype will be ready before that.
  • The initial fund money will assure I can fund the database, the storage, and my back-end development of the app.
  • Social Media will focus in targeting professional athletes (which I am very good friends with) and their promotion online.

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