Maximizing Potential Inc.

A project by: Maxime Jr. Altidor

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Completion Date: Wed 03 May 2017
Empowering Youth Potential Through Interactive Education, Taking The Road To Personal Cultivation


Max Potential develops innovative leaders, and creates a gateway to ensure they reach their purpose. Max Potential advocates on the issues of paternal absence, substance misuse, juvenile delinquency and various conflicts that face our youth. Our impact will touch individuals of various cultures and backgrounds, and help uncover the pathway to their destiny.


To combat and build the bridge that will help youth stop falling into perishable sands, and provide services that will be an alternative from dissolution.

Who Am I

By nature, I am attracted to difficult and challenging endeavors. I work very hard to breathe life into big dreams. These often push and pull me into the future. I make good fortune by preparing to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. I yearn to dedicate myself to worthy causes or noble purposes. Fortifying the bonds between myself, and the people I know, or even those I will never meet gives my life special meaning.

Considering my background in business, counseling, psychology, and marketing management, I established a unique position to do research on various topics impacting youth, and involvement within organizations that advocate in constructing a pathway for individuals impacted by substance abuse, delinquency, physical and emotional issues, as well as mental conflicts.


I believe that my education in marketing management,  combined with my experience in psychology work together to establish an especially consummate advantage when approaching the struggles emerging adults encounter. I refer on both to resolve every day conflicts and special challenges.  For example, when I did research to bring awareness to Physical and Emotional Paternal Absence Impacting Young Men in College, the responses were positive, bringing ideas about futuristic educational events, service projects, and initiatives for various institutions and communities.

My background in Psychology is different from most people in the field, and that gives me a unique perspective and the ability to see solutions that are more creative and resourceful.  For example, I came up with a counseling solution to solve and combat parental absence, delinquency, poverty, bullying, and funding for educational programs, and though daunting it is a plan I seek to execute with the help of financial donations bringing about a worthy cause.


The funding received will go to educational symposiums, awareness workshops, after-school programs, and noteworthy speakers that will minister to young people at diverse institutions.

Any additional funds will go to the Maximizing Potential account which will only serve as a tool, implementing other mentoring, counseling, and educational programs dedicated to building the path for adolescents connecting them to their purpose. There will be updates via email regarding the progress of Maximizing Potential.

Overhead expenses

  • Venue hire: $600
  • AV equipment: $750
  • Production costs: $1500


Though I have a purposeful vision, no one reaches their goals without guidance, direction and monetary support. Your donation and support is what helps our youth draw closer to their purpose, and services that will aid them establish a foundation for their futuristic betterment.