Thank you for visiting our crowdfunding site to help launch new entrepreneurial ventures. We use the time-tested Hubbub platform.

ENTREPRENEURS (Project Creators)


You must be a student or professor in a university or recognized business incubator or accelerator in North America. The affiliation provides a measure of confidence to project sponsors that you are receiving training and mentoring for your endeavors. Projects must be approved by a business adviser from the university or organization.


Only for-profit ventures. Funds raised through the site may be used for R&D, patent searches, patent applications, legal expenses in connection with forming an entity or patenting, or other direct expenses related to launching a new venture. FEES. The Entrepreneurship Foundation will subtract 6% plus $.30 per transaction to cover administrative costs, site management, and PayPal payment processing.

Note, if you do not meet your stated “Minimum goal,” no funds will be collected from the sponsors and no fees will be levied for use of the site. (This is an “All-or-nothing” platform.)


Offering a reward—such as a listing of donor name on a web site or coffee mug—encourages donations. Offers of equity in the company or loan solicitations are not permitted. Raffle tickets, lotteries and sweepstakes are illegal.


SPONSORS (Project Supporters)

To make a pledge simply find a project you like and hit the “Sponsor This Project” button.. You will receive updates on the projects you support. You can also interact directly with project teams. Your credit card (or PayPal account) will not be charged unless the project meets its Minimum Goal by the stated deadline.
For more information please see Frequently Asked Questions.