How Hubbub works

What is Hubbub?

Sponsors help fund projects. To help this process along Creators offer rewards for donations. Funds only change hands when a project achieves its minimum needed.

What is all-or-nothing funding?

All-or-nothing funding means that unless your project has achieved its minimum fundraising target by its fundraising deadline, no donations or rewards change hands.

Assuming you reach your minimum target by your fundraising deadline, we will process your pledges. In order to arrange payment, please contact us after your completion date. If we don’t hear from you, we will get in touch with you.

Account Settings

Forgot password.

Click the reset your password link on the login page. You will be sent an mail which contains a link to gain access to your account.

Change email notification settings.

Log in and go to My Account, and click on the Setting' button. You can change your notification settings in the notifications tab.

You will only receive emails about projects you are following. To stop receiving these, go to the project page and click 'Follow' - when the pink heart is absent you won't receive email updates.

If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, click on Unsubscribe at the bottom of any newsletter.

How do I create a project?

Simply login and enter a few key details: a description of what you want to do, a funding target and completion date, and some rewards for pledges. Images and videos can also bring your project to life! We offer advice, tips, and feedback all along the way.

Note: you cannot alter your project description after it is submitted.

Your organization’s Platform Administrator must approve your project before it becomes live.

Minimum amount needed.

A minimum needed is chosen by you. If you have achieved your minimum needed by your completion date PayPal will transfer the funds from your Sponsors to you.

You can raise more than the minimum needed, but if you do not reach this goal, no money changes hands. Note: you cannot change the minimum needed after your project is submitted.

Setting the Completion Date for Your Project.

The recommended timeframe is one month (to create a sense of urgency among potential sponsors). The maximum is two months. Check with your site Platform Administrator as your organization may have established a uniform start and end date for all approved projects.


Offering a reward encourages donations. The better your rewards, the more likely you are to reach your funding target. But remember, you only need to deliver your rewards if your project reaches its minimum needed and after you have received your funding. This means that the funds you receive will cover the cost of rewards. Rewards are typically a mention on your website or in the organizations magazine or newsletter, or naming something after a Sponsor. Anything that seeks to build a relationship with Sponsors is a great approach. You might attempt to obtain free coupons from local restaurants or shops that you could in turn offer to your Sponsors.
We will collect all of the information you need for you and make it available to you after your completion date if your project is successful.

To limit your exposure, you can set a limit on the number of rewards available.

Also keep in mind that it may cost more to deliver tangible rewards to Sponsors outside the country. You may want to set higher minimum amounts for overseas contributors.

If you can’t deliver a promised award, get in touch with the Sponsor(s) immediately. Creators who are honest and open will find Sponsors to be far more forgiving. You may be asked to provide a different reward. In very rare instances, a Sponsor may request a refund. When you submit your project you will be asked to agree to a refund policy, which we will also display to the Sponsor when they make a pledge.

PROHIBITED REWARDS. Offers of equity in the company or loan solicitations are not permitted. Nor are coupons or discounts on your future goods are also forbidden. (We don't want you to get locked up.) Offering raffle tickets, lotteries and sweepstakes is illegal.

Payments and Fees.

The Entrepreneurship Foundation Inc., the provider of this crowdfunding platform will retain 6% of all funds raised plus $.30 per transaction to cover PayPal payment processing fees, development and site management and hosting. You should receive the net amount raised within 14 days of the completion of the solicitation period.

Media Uploads.

You can add images and videos to your project description using the image and video tools. Note, we accepts Vimeo files only. Vimeo's basic account has a limit of 500mb per file and 5GB for premium accounts. You can use music from


An update is a bit like a status update on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter. It lets Sponsors know about developments in your project and how you're getting on. They breathe life into your project and are essential to the sponsorship process.

Sponsors will be notified automatically when you post an update.

Sponsors may ask you questions about your project. They may want more information on your rewards or to ask for more details about how you will carry out your project, or even for more information on you! Sponsors should be answered promptly. In cases where many Sponsors ask the same question, you should answer with an Update to your project so that anyone viewing it can see this information.

If you realize at some point that you cannot complete your project, you must cancel the funding request immediately. Contact your organization’s Platform Administrator. We will notify your Sponsors, but you should do so too, and remember to thank them for their support!

Sponsoring A Project

Anyone can be a Sponsor. All you need is a PayPal account. You will be asked to register for this (it only takes a few minutes) when you pledge to a project. PayPal is a global payment service that facilitates our use of pledges and all-or-nothing funding. It's vital in helping us provide a reliable service for Sponsors and Creators.

How do I make a pledge?

Simply find a project you like and hit the Sponsor This Project button and follow the on-screen instructions.

When is my card charged?

Hubbub uses PayPal as its payment mechanism. If the project you pledge to achieves its minimum needed, your card (or PayPal account) will be charged at the project deadline. This can be seen on the project page. If the project is unsuccessful no money changes hands, so your card/account is not charged.

Can I pledge anonymously? Yes.

When you make a pledge you will be given the option of displaying: your name and the value of you pledge; just your name; or remaining anonymous. If you select a reward, and the project you support achieves its minimum needed, we will share your contact details with the Creator so that they can deliver your reward.

Is the value of my pledge made public?

Not automatically. We leave it entirely up to you to decide whether your name and contribution should be displayed as described above.

What info about me do you give to the Creator?

Creators see your username, the size of your donation, and the reward you've selected. If the project you are supporting achieves its minimum needed, we'll also give the Creator your contact details so that they deliver your reward.

Will you notify me if a project I'm sponsoring is successful?

Yes. You will receive an email regardless of whether the project is successful or not.

Can I change my pledge?

You will not be allowed to amend an existing donation but you can add another one. Can I change my credit card details before funding ends? Please visit PayPal and log in to change your credit card details.

When will my reward be delivered?

If a project achieves its minimum needed, your reward will be delivered at the approximate delivery date stated on the Creator's project page.

What do I do if the rewards haven't yet been delivered?

You can contact the Creator directly through their profile or project page. In very rare instances, you may wish to request a refund from a Creator. You can view the Creator's refund policy on the payment page, before making a pledge. To request a refund, please contact the Platform Administrator.

How can I get more info about a project?

Contact the Creator directly through their profile or project page. If you have already sponsored a project and you would like to make your question public, you can post a comment on the project. The Creator will be notified by email when you do.